Connection strings for OLAP, Analysis Services

.NET libraries for OLAP, Analysis Services

OLE DB providers for OLAP, Analysis Services


Type .NET Framework Class Library
Manufacturer Microsoft


Data Source=myServerAddress;Catalog=myDataBase;

Encrypted Connection

This one authenticates the user and encrypts the communication. This is the highest level of security.

Data Source=myServerAddress;Catalog=myDataBase;ProtectionLevel=PktPrivacy;

Signed Connection

This one authenticates the user and and prevents the content in the communication to be modified.

Data Source=myServerAddress;Catalog=myDataBase;ProtectionLevel=PktIntegrity;

Authenticated Connection

This one authenticates the user but does not secure the communication.

Data Source=myServerAddress;Catalog=myDataBase;ProtectionLevel=Connect;

Unauthenticated Connection

This one provides no form of authentication.

Data Source=myServerAddress;Catalog=myDataBase;ProtectionLevel=None;

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for OLAP

Type OLE DB Provider
Usage Provider=MSOLAP
Manufacturer Microsoft


Provider=MSOLAP;Data Source=myServerAddress;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;

If you have more then one OLEDB for OLAP provider installed you may need to specify the version of the provider in the connection string, MSOLAP.1 for MSAS 7.0, MSOLAP.2 for MSAS 2000, MSOLAP.3 for MSAS 2005, MSOLAP.4 for MSAS 2008. Just specifying MSOLAP as Provider uses the latest version of OLE DB for OLAP installed on the system.



Provider=MSOLAP;Data Source=http://serverName/;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;
User Id=domain\user;Password=myPassword;

The username and password will be sent in clear text over the network using this connection string. If this is an issue, consider using the Secure HTTP (HTTPS) connection string instead.


Over Secure HTTP

Provider=MSOLAP;Data Source=https://serverName/;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;
User Id=domain\user;Password=myPassword;

Using Integrated Security

Provider=MSOLAP;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;
Data Source=https://serverName/;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;

Integrated Security with Kerberos

Provider=MSOLAP;Integrated Security=SSPI;SSPI=Kerberos;Persist Security Info=False;
Data Source=https://serverName/;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;

.NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB

Type .NET Framework Wrapper Class Library
Usage System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection
Manufacturer Microsoft

Use an OLE DB provider from .NET

Provider=any oledb provider's name;OledbKey1=someValue;OledbKey2=someValue;

See the respective OLEDB provider's connection strings options. The .net OleDbConnection will just pass on the connection string to the specified OLEDB provider. Read more here.