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Formating Rules for Connection Strings

Written by Mark Lurade
As a string, there are no built in checks or constraints on how to format the connection string. This article walks through the basic rules for creating a connection string that will work.

Connection Strings Explained

Written by Sebastian Affakes
Connection strings can be a bit obscure and is not often defined in a consistent way. This article straighten things out and sheds some light on how connection strings are used to connect an application to a data source.

SQL Server Data Types Reference

Written by Max Wikström
Do you know exactly every data type in SQL Server and their usage and storage requirements? If not, look them all up in this reference sheet.

ConnectionString SQL Server

Written by Sebastian Affakes
To explicit define the network protcol to use when connecting to an SQL Server gives you more control over your connection. This is a nifty guide for doing that.

All SQL Server SqlConnection properties

Written by Sebastian Affakes
There are plenty of combinations when creating an SQL Server connection string. This reference table explains each option available per keyword.

When to use the SQL Native Client

Written by Sebastian Affakes
The SQL Native Client should only be used in certain contexts. This is the definition of when to use it, and when not to.

Open a password-protected Excel workbook

Written by Jon Seidel
This article explains a workaround for the "could not decrypt file" error when trying to open a password-protected Excel workbook.

Jet for Access, Excel and Txt on 64 bit systems

Written by Ibrahim de Untruepe
This article explains how to use Jet to connect an application to Access, Excel or Text data files on 64 bit systems.

Use Application Name parameter when connecting to SQL Server

Written by Ibrahim de Untruepe
This optional parameter can be a life saver. The DBAs will love that you provide this info for the connection.

Store connection string in web.config

Written by Sebastian Affakes
It is very easy to store the connection string in a config file and there are several benefits in doing so. This article describes why and how to store the connection string in web.config.

Connection Pooling

Written by Bill Rowell
To get the most out of connection pooling there are some things to keep in mind when developing your application. Learn to stay away from the pitfalls and utilize the full power of connection pooling.


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