Connection strings for Teradata

Teradata .Net driver

Type .NET Framework Class Library
Usage Teradata.Client.Provider.TdConnection
Manufacturer Teradata


Data Source=myServerAddress;User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword;

OLE DB Provider for Teradata

Type OLE DB Provider
Usage Provider=TDOLEDB
Manufacturer Teradata


Provider=TDOLEDB;Data Source=myServerAddress;Persist Security Info=True;
User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword;Session Mode=ANSI;

.NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB

Type .NET Framework Wrapper Class Library
Usage System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection
Manufacturer Microsoft

Use an OLE DB provider from .NET

Provider=any oledb provider's name;OledbKey1=someValue;OledbKey2=someValue;

See the respective OLEDB provider's connection strings options. The .net OleDbConnection will just pass on the connection string to the specified OLEDB provider. Read more here.


Teradata ODBC Driver

Type ODBC Driver
Usage Provider=Teradata
Manufacturer Teradata



.NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC

Type .NET Framework Wrapper Class Library
Usage System.Data.Odbc.OdbcConnection
Manufacturer Microsoft

Use an ODBC driver from .NET

Driver={any odbc driver's name};OdbcKey1=someValue;OdbcKey2=someValue;

See the respective ODBC driver's connection strings options. The .net OdbcConnection will just pass on the connection string to the specified ODBC driver. Read more here.