About the project

The idea of 30c.org is to provide an easy reference for connection strings.

There are 686 connection strings and 138 providers, drivers and class libraries listed in the database. All content have been compiled from other sites, books and help files. Lots of connection strings and other information have been submitted by developers from all around the world. Thank You!

Get in touch with your feedback

The feedback is what makes 30c.org evolve. Without your feedback 30c.org would still have been looking like in the old days.

Any suggestions, feedback, critics, connection strings, thoughts or whatever is highly appreciated.

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We are building a nifty source of information on connection related considerations. If you want to be a part of that by requesting data or providing information, do not hesitate, get in touch! No detail is to small to omit.



30c.org was founded in early 2000, at that time a quite tiny website listing a few very common connection strings. As time passed more info was added and popularity started to grow. Since the start, the site has constantly evolved, by continuous research and a lot of help from people all over the world sending in material and requests, turning up into today’s detailed reference.

Targeting Developers?

Are you making business in the development community area and wants to communicate with millions of developers in the context of this very popular reference? There is an advertising program and site supporter program available here.


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