Advertising Media Kit is widely appreciated, and the number one, connection string resource for developers and IT professionals. With over 10,000 visits a day and millions of unique visitors, your offer can be widely communicated through our effective advertising channels and your campaigns will reach hundreds of thousands of well-experienced IT professionals and developers.


Key Figures

  • More than 3 millions yearly visits (2011)
  • Monthly 200,000 unique visitors (2011)

The audience is International and English speaking well-experienced developers and IT Professionals. The site is a straight to the point reference and expects a certain level of knowledge. This leads to an attraction from well-experienced IT people rather than newbies.

Advertising Campaigns

All campaigns are managed through the CSAS Advertising System which provides detailed tracking of ad performance, unlimited banner rotation, precise robot filtering and detailed reports. There are two types of campaigns, "Slot campaigns" and "CPM campaigns".

Slot campaigns
Each slot lasts for one month and is guaranteed a minimum of 30,000 impressions. The actual number of impressions varies depending on traffic and other campaign schedules.

CPM campaigns
You decide how many impressions you want for each of your ads and for how long you want them to run.

Image, animation and text is available for each placement. An unlimited number of banners are allowed for rotation to encourage performance optimization.


Prices are shown per 1,000 impressions (CPM campaigns) and per Slot (Slot campaigns). Slot based advertising gives you a potential better value as it depends on traffic. Even when receiving only the guaranteed minimum of impressions, Slot prices are 10% lower than CPM prices.

2012 Rate Card

Leaderboard Top728 x 90$9.82$265
Right Side Skyscraper120 x 600 and 160 x 600$7.45$198
First Page Rectangle300 x 250$9.16$247
Leaderboard Bottom728 x 90$3.97$107
Sub Pages Rectangle300 x 250 and 336 x 280$7.30$197

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