.NET xlReader for Microsoft Excel

This .NET Framework Class Library is provided by xPortTools.
The class library is contained in the file VM.xPort.ExcelClient.dll.
Add a reference to the assembly VM.xPort.ExcelClient and include the VM.xPort.ExcelClient namespace. Instantiate a new ExcelConnection connection object. Set the connection string and open the connection.

VB.NET code sample
Imports VM.xPort.ExcelClient
Dim myConnection As ExcelConnection = New ExcelConnection()
myConnection.ConnectionString = myConnectionString
' execute queries, etc

C# code sample
using VM.xPort.ExcelClient;
ExcelConnection myConnection = new ExcelConnection();
myConnection.ConnectionString = myConnectionString;
// execute queries, etc


.NET xlReader for Microsoft Excel is a set of classes, specifically designed to read Microsoft Excel files from .NET applications. The latest version of the component is implemented as a .NET Managed Provider with read-only capabilities which allow it to read data from native Microsoft Excel files without the need to use Microsoft Excel or any additional providers. This also results in a familiar look-and-feel and allows for future extension of the component. .NET xlReader uses 100% .NET managed code and is designed to use minimal PC memory to achieve maximum performance.

There are some limitations with this provider...

- No support for password-protected Excel files.

- .NET xlReader for Microsoft Excel supports only Excel files saved in a BIFF8 binary format supported by Microsoft Excel 97 or newer version of Microsoft Excel and Excel files saved in XLSX format supported by Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer version of Microsoft Excel.

- Limited support for the SQL statements. Current version of the reader supports only delimited list of the spreadsheet names in following format: "shreadsheetname1;spreadsheet2;.... spreadsheetN;" and treats each spreadsheet as a table. List of the spreadsheet names should contain at least one spreadsheet name. See more details inside of examples on how to query data from the spreadsheets.

- Component does not support updates of the data from the DataTable/DataSet to the underlying Microsoft Excel file. ExcelDataAdapter allows populating DataTable/DataSet with the data from the spreadsheet(s), but current version does not support updates.

More info about this class library can be found at the xPortTools product page.
.NET Framework Class Library (.NET xlReader for Microsoft Excel) can be downloaded here.
Connection Strings
The .NET xlReader for Microsoft Excel class library can be used to connect to the following data sources:

Excel Excel 2007
To see available connection options, navigate connection strings reference by the above data source links.
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