Pervasive PSQL ADO.NET Data Provider

This .NET Framework Class Library is provided by Pervasive.
The class library is contained in the file Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.dll.
Add a reference to the assembly Pervasive.Data.SqlClient and include the Pervasive.Data.SqlClient namespace. Instantiate a new PsqlConnection connection object. Set the connection string and open the connection.

VB.NET code sample
Imports Pervasive.Data.SqlClient
Dim myConnection As PsqlConnection = New PsqlConnection()
myConnection.ConnectionString = myConnectionString
' execute queries, etc

C# code sample
using Pervasive.Data.SqlClient;
PsqlConnection myConnection = new PsqlConnection();
myConnection.ConnectionString = myConnectionString;
// execute queries, etc


The Pervasive PSQL data provider is an ADO.NET managed data provider, built with 100% managed code. The data provider is a native wire protocol provider, which means that the data provider will not have to call out to unmanaged code—code outside of the .NET Framework—in the form of a database client.

The Pervasive PSQL data provider enables you to connect to Pervasive PSQL v9.x and v10 databases.

The strong-named assemblies for the Pervasive PSQL data provider placed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) during installation.

Values set in the connection string cannot be changed by the connection properties.

You can improve performance significantly if you enable the data provider to use connection pooling. With connection pooling, you avoid the network I/O needed to create a new connection.

More info about this class library can be found at the Pervasive product page.
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Connection Strings
The Pervasive PSQL ADO.NET Data Provider class library can be used to connect to the following data sources:

To see available connection options, navigate connection strings reference by the above data source links.
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